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Textile Solutions

For the very best in part protection, our textile packaging solutions can be designed and manufactured to suit any part.

Pigeon hole stillage bag

Stillage Bags

Pigeon hole stillage bags are designed to achieve the maximum pack density while utilizing minimum footprint. The pocket layout can be either multiple cells at the same size or we can manufacture a kitting bag, offering cells at different sizes throughout the bag. The majority of our bags are made from heavy duty reinforced PVC and can be lined with a variety of materials or offer additional part protection, such as Nylon, Microfibre, Evolon, Foam etc. Other bag options include retaining lips, cell ID pockets, wear/scuff pads and much more. 

Hammock bag

Hammock Bags

Hammock bags are a great product to protect larger parts that exceed the footprint of a euro container but are not large enough to warrant a full stillage. Usually fitted into a FLC container, our hammocks are suspended on durable steel rods. This system allows the operator to slide the material pockets back and forth to remove and load parts. If the size permits, we can also manufacture 2, 3 or even 4 tier hammock systems to achieve the maximum pack factor possible.

Polyester Box Bag with dividers

Box Bags

Manufactured to the highest quality ensuring premium protection to painted /sensitive parts. With stocked materials such as Microfibre, Polyester, Evolon, PVC and much more, these bags can be tailored to suit your needs. They can be fully retained into a container, removable by velcro or free standing. You can also add foam lining to your bag, a stitched dust cover or a variety of other choices.

A sample of wraps and Sleeves

Wraps & Sleeves

These simple but effective wraps protect not only stillage framework but parts that may come into contact with them. Our wraps can be manufactured from a heavy-duty and durable polyester, PVC, Microfibre or Evolon. Options include foam lining, brass eyelets or Velcro® for fixing and much more

Standard Stillage Curtain

Stillage Curtains

Our stillage curtains are manufactured from heavy duty reinforced PVC with a choice of colours available. Choose options such as handles, label holders, viewing windows, document holders, and much more. We can also screen print or embroider text/logos either directly to the curtain or on a separate panel. 

Beige and Gray Minimalist Quote Instagra

Looking for something?

If you are looking for something that you cannot see on the list please get in touch as we offer a bespoke service. 

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