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Bespoke flight cases manufactured to suit your specific requirements. We have sold flight cases over the last 25 years. However, in 2018, IMP invested into a production facility to manufacture our own bespoke flight cases. With a number of high profile customers, we are able to offer a robust, durable and cost-effective flight case, produced fully in house. With a choice of colours, materials, hardware and inserts, we are able to offer you the complete packaging solution.

A stack of flight cases in different sizes


Choose either a basic case, or go all out by adding the below options

A flight case with an open lid

Removable Or Hinged Lids


Design your cases with ease of use in mind. Choose from hinged or removable.

An open flight case to show an example of basic liners insterts

Machined Foam Inserts

Go the extra mile and add foam protection. From basic liners to multi-layered inserts, we can produce the perfect solution.

A Scale case with pull out extended handles on wheels

Pull Handles & Wheels


Add mobility to your case by choosing to add wheels & pull handles.

People make screen prints

Screen Print / Name Plates

Why not added your company logo or product information to your case? We can screen print directly onto each case or add a metal or plastic name plate.

Different colour options for flight cases

Choice Of Colours


We stock a number of different colour options. Why not make your case stand out?

Two flight cases that are stacked up on each other



Tight on space? Why not add stacking hardware.

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