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Foam End Cuffs

Foam end cuffs are designed specifically to suit unique products or designed to cater for multiple parts. With the ability to produce virtual drop tests for dynamic testing, we are able to ensure that our packaging will protect your product with the minimum amount of material used. This will lower unit costs and lower the packaging weight which will reduce shipping costs. This also means the end user has less material to dispose of / recycle.


              With multiple methods of manufacturing, there are many options to choose from

A variety of foam thickness and colours

Foam Thickness And Colours

We stock our foam in a number of different colour options and thicknesses . Why not make your insert packaging stand out?

A blue container box with accessories


With a dedicated assembly team, we are able to offer you a complete packaging solution. Items can be fully assembled and delivered direct to you door.

Laser Etching Machine

Laser Etching

Our Laserscript is a 'must have' to enable us to add the finishing details directly to your products. This could be anything from simple number sequencing to a complex logo design.



At IMP, we have full CAD/CAM capabilities utilizing the latest in 2D and 3D software. Our design team have over 20 years experience with the company and can help you turn your visions into a reality.

Water Jet

Using CAD, the detail of water jet is second to none. With efficiency and millimetre precision these machines have the ability to cut complex shapes to suit all of your design requirements.

CNC Machining

As CNC is an industry standard, IMP have utilized this technology for over 20 years, capable of machining your product from one solid block to a finished item.

Foam Packaging
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