Using the very latest in 2D & 3D design software, IMP has been designing stillages for our customers for over 15 years. From standard dollies to gondolas and bespoke solutions, our vast knowledge and experience enable us to create the perfect stillage to suit your requirements. There is a range of interior dunnage options available including foam, textile, or PU moulding, ensuring our stillages provide maximum durability and protection.

  • Textile Systems

    These stillages are designed to achieve the maximum pack density while utilizing a limited footprint. There are many material choices, most common being: Textile, Correx® or Foam. The frame itself can be made from a wide range of steel, from industry standard 50×50 box section to a complex bent tube trolley. All of which, house a dunnage system which will offer you the best protection to ‘A Surface’ and sensitive parts. 

  • Stack & Pack

    Our ‘Starpack’ award winning stack and pack stillages offer maximum protection within a condensed footprint. These stillages were initially designed to hold car bumpers, but due to their versatility we have been able to use them for a range of different products. Utilizing our durable and ‘A surface’ foams, they have become extremely popular in all industries.

  • Dollies

    Designed to suit standard box section stillages, our dollies allow you to transport your stillages without the need for a forklift. They can be painted / powder coated to any RAL colour. Our heavy-duty industrial castors are lockable to ensure safety when loading. 

  • Gondolas

    Designed with the flexibility to suit the majority of manufacturing carousels across the automotive and aerospace industries, our gondolas maximize the overall pack density whilst keeping the parts contained protected. They can be painted / powder coated to any RAL colour and are a great way to keep parts flowing without manual assistance. 

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