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IMP’s very own man of the match: Chris Player

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Chris joined IMP in 2019 and is a valued member of the production team. One of Chris’ attributes; teamwork also comes into play on the football field, for this is where Chris takes time to chill out on Thursday evenings after a good day at work.

“As much as I love my job and family, the Thursday evening sessions are my way of unwinding, exercising, and meeting up with a bunch of good mates. My girlfriend doesn’t say it, but I can see she’s delighted to get me out of the house and from under her feet. I’m generally quiet but can become quite vocal on the pitch, and truth be known I doubt anyone at work would recognise me with my football head-on.”

His colleagues may well find this hard to believe because the ‘working’ Chris is friendly, mild-mannered, and conscientious. Got a question “Go ask Chris …” is something we regularly hear.

When chatting he talked about the valuable lessons learned in a sport that he has played since a child.

“It was through my love of football that I learned valuable skills of teamwork, which as I grew up realised were not dissimilar to the way a well-functioning work team is successful. The success of the team is because of the contribution each player makes, and the collaboration and coordination must be strong. There are highs and lows in football just as there are at work and a strong team can lean on each other when the going gets tough, and that is exactly what we do at IMP because let’s face it; Teamwork makes the Dreamwork”.

The hugging on a pitch was something that made Chris chuckle. “I’m not a hugger but I know that bonding is important for any team. When a football team is successful it is immediately apparent how bonded they are, and the same applies to a work team sharing experiences build trust and loyalty in one another.”

The position he plays? “Striker because it’s all about the glory, and there’s no ‘I’ in TEAM right? Just a great excuse to run around a pitch doing a Ronaldo, because I’m no midfield Beckham”.

As for injuries, Chris assures us that no bones have been broken thus far, and we will ensure that when we wish him well for a good game Thursday we won’t use the expression ‘break a leg’ because we need him here in the thick of the team.

And his best football joke? “Two hours of football and the goalkeeper is still England’s top scorer…”

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