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How I ended up on the IMP shores

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

“FOAM?” That was certainly the question I was asking myself, as I stepped out of the car the day I arrived at IMP.

We are not just talking about packaging, or foam, but engineering in its truest sense of the word. Like a lot of people, I take a lot of things for granted as I ‘click’ on proceed to check out and the following day my item is delivered to a locker not far from where I live. We inhabit a packaged world where so much is ‘off the shelf’ we fail to look further than the item itself.

So how did I find myself in the heart of Wiltshire working for IMP owners Neil and Mike? A number of years prior, I had taken the decision to become a full-time sailor on a 49’ sailing yacht, packed up my home and bags and took to the high seas. I faced many storms, had amazing adventures, met wonderful people and the icing on the cake; I learned why I should never cook breadfruit unless I want to glue wallpaper.

The time to return to being an adult loomed, so my 3-year sabbatical needed to come to an end, so I re-plotted my course and washed up on the shores of IMP. That’s when my deep dive into the world of engineered packaging started. Having spent several years in the IT sector dealing with disparate data and the requirements for central storage repositories, this was a whole new challenge.

The IMP team is warm and welcoming, focused on their customers’ requirements, and like a well-oiled machine, work in synchronicity. From the start of a customer’s enquiry, there are many stages to processing an order, all of which are as important as each other, and I have seen teamwork at its finest. A customer may know what they want, or may be looking for recommendations, but either way, many hands are required to manage each project. Members of the team help one another and the occasional bacon sandwich on a Friday is almost obligatory.

It has been an interesting learning curve and I have discovered a whole new language. I have become mesmerised with static prevention, protective qualities, foam conversion, laser etching, CAD details, to name a few.

I have learned that to some it’s foam; to others it is bulwark. A defence, something that protects someone or something from dangerous or unpleasant situations, provides safety from injury, damage, or loss.

And the team? I really couldn’t ask for nicer work colleagues. From the factory floor to the office on top, I have been warmly welcomed and feel at home on the IMP shores.

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